The FAA call it the “mayday” events: the sudden and uncontrollable airplane momentum from air to ground. Someone, something, is downing planes. And until there is a clue into the causes, all commercial and non commercial airplanes are grounded. Only investigative planes may fly.

Transverse is sure the Datar, a powerful weapon possessed by a cross-world settlement of defected Transverse agent in Nitari,  is responsible. It is a weapon capable of ridding a celestial object of its surrounding atmosphere, gripping its energy and encapsulating it in a set horizon. Deborah Lelan is equipped with a Transverse weapon capable of injecting fusion and repelling an induced Schwarzschild potential. Her mission is to retrieve the Datar and bring it back to Transverse.. When CIA agent David Bentley who had half-believed her story and allowed her onto the investigative plane as a flight attendant is dead set on acquiring the Datar for Earthly purposes, she is willing to do whatever it takes, including kill.