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The Animated Life (an edewzealous{philosophically inclined}entry for the book)

the animated life

It is better to have your head in the clouds, and know where you are… than to breathe the clearer atmosphere below them, and think that you are in paradise.

-Henry David Thoreau

There is a rendering of fact which makes itself manifest, compelling neither mind nor heart. It is a rendering of such, itself without a heart. That matter must have a heart is evident in the force it impels rather the one it dispels and disposes. Any manifest of estrangement between forces impelled and forces dispelled and any implications of such in physics will be discussed in this space and time series.

And the mind? Must it enter the spatial estate of the heart dead or alive? Must it falter and fail never having been kindled? Is it in essence a resource estranged from its source without any relational element to reference its existence?

I came upon a snow man recently, maker unknown. And as I watched the figure in its estate, life struck me not as the rich investment of life and existential animation it is but as oddity to its realistic and rudimentary disposition. It held no evidence of ancestral, systemic or organic disposition. It had no vectored dimension as temperature could never be equipped with such. Whatever was the snow man about? Could the evidence of life be merely symbolic or purely imaginative gaining some momentum of possibility from pure symbolism?

As I walked closer to inspect the figure, it came alight in all its artificial confirmations as some null entity may—material proclaiming vacuous estate, arms stretched aside made of leafless tree stems, eyes made from tree barks. However did it come alight?

It needed scientific reconditioning despite its glorious state. I smiled and whispered under my breadth as I closed in on the figure, “Let’s call it scientific reconditioning.” I tugged at the arms. The thickening ice around the tree stems made the effort harder than it should be. It pulled through without destroying the form of the figure. I re-positioned it by inserting it in the head of the figure rather than the sides as arms. The repositioning was hard as well but I made sure it was cleanly achieved so the form of the figure is preserved. I did the same for the other arm.

The arms were now horns. Snow never fall horizontally. It has no such power imaginative or otherwise. The figure was starting to make sense as a horned animal rather than a snow man, a snow-deer perhaps. And such the world with the figure in it regained some realistic insight. A world where snow-men rather than snow-deer are imaginative is less scientific than one where snow-deer is imaginative. Science cannot induct its imagining against its base facts otherwise they cannot be called scientific imaginings. Despite fact based origination, imaginings are yet merely that—imaginings. But scientific imaginings can be differentiated from mere imaginings. A science fiction author as I am may understand this differential in imaginings more.

Imaginings cannot animate life without the elements of life being accessible as an implication, presence and activity–that is, that there is a base fact animating the validity of the imagining.

Life animating life is a much serious subject as it must go beyond the implication of base scientific facts as presence and activity to ultimately call upon a space-time-self-alertness dynamics implied against the opposing fact—the affirmation of death.

It is better to have your head in the clouds, and know where you are… than to breathe the clearer atmosphere below them, and think that you are in paradise.

-Henry David Thoreau

Location is very essential to existence and identity in the human anatomy of location used in this computation and physics entry but it is merely a first instance, or rather a first phase translocation which may be quite unverifiable. And here verification becomes its own verification, its own validity. There is the where, when, who, how which must be supplied to go beyond the implication of a basal fact

“Knowing where you are,” is an implication of fact that is quite invalid until there is an exploration of time and space to verify the where. The space accompanied with the “when”, the time, qualifies the passage of consciousness or lucidity implied. If you can verify where, you can validate subjectively. The “who” may be implied when the verification of thought process is verified in time and space within reasonable limits of coherence of conscious phases? It is the how that is most relevant to our cause because there is a test for both the cloud existence and the “think that you are in paradise” existence.

If the snowman failed in rendering the projection of an earthly imagination for instance, it is a waste of time to go further with the thought.

The verification is in fulfilling all propositional implication of space which involves the mind as consciousness or rather the brain as an organ of thought passing through time in coherent phases. That is, if it is possible not to know the “how” in the first phase of “where”, it would be impossible to know the “how” in the second phase of “where”. There is a logical and realistic pathology between the supposition of “clouds” in the upper realm and the implication of “paradise” in the lower realm.

Adding an imposition of location human anatomy to this Thoreauvian analogy, it becomes impossible for a subject, you for instance (being with the presupposition of headless in the clouds) “to breathe the clearer atmosphere below your head when you don’t know where your head is while thinking you are in paradise.” In fact the subject is located in a state worse than a medical mystery or medical fraud as it would be much insufferable to have a head and have it work against itself in paradise where it seems people may naturally walk upside down their heads.

The animated life is the space-time incorporation, preoccupation and implication of the organ of thought from one verifiable translocation phase or state to another more verifiable by phrenic transposition.

By phrenic in this definition I mean the total state of implication, that is, both the diaphragm and the mind anatomy-physiology relation. All state of anatomical, physiological and psychological transformations are suffered by the same. All state of breathing expense as inflection and deflection is suffered by the same. The thinking being is the breathing being and vice versa. There are no breaks in between. They both encumber the heart.

Of life and clean instances…

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3D ANIMATION AND INERTIAL SYSTEMS(a PC {science and computation} entry for the book)

3D Animation and inertial systems

It becomes of richer spirit to inject humanity into science than science into humanity — edewlogics

The doubling down of the two is an ultimate scientific catastrophe pronouncing life—like some shadowing of a consequent penumbra, that outer shadowing of the darker sunspot — edewlogics  

Inspecting and studying the daily attributions and procedural affirmations of the earthly spatial “sky”, I find that the clouds are disposable aspects of its operational expressions. They are not real in a sense, in all sense. At least something real can sustain and retain as aspect of itself, as itself in the least. This thought brings about the questions of retain-ability, transverse-ability and the necessary fulfilling qualities for the pro-axial and abaxial spatial translocation of essential mass into focus.

“Clouds are retain-able”, cannot be sustained as a premise because they are not. “Clouds are not retain-able” becomes premise and “They must die,” becomes a probable consequent premise. A consequent in this case is an incidental or product effect due to a cause. Here I may go on and on about this issue but I will rather not. It is for a different entry. The important aspect of this intro is in the investment understanding of space as an effect in essence, product, byproduct etc. and to bring the spatial translocation of essential mass into focus.

From the implication of clouds, it is important to illustrate how animation is a necessary component of both life and death. The pronunciation of life becomes as important as the renunciation of death. The ill recognition of one leads to the ill recognition of the other and vice versa. The doubling down of the two is an ultimate scientific catastrophe pronouncing life—like some shadowing of a consequent penumbra, that outer shadowing of the darker sunspot.  

And the consequences of our discussion in physics? The interbreeding of belief systems within the sciences interbreeds subtle destructive ideas which feeds the foundational “reasoning pot” of interactivity within society. And in hardened and unchecked states these “reasoning pots” may stand as excuses for executing on the destructive premises supposed upon “scientific and universal truths”.  

True insanity does look good in science because it has receptive ears and accepted precedence. From my perspective it may be because there is no active observer over the microscope or a real beholder on the problematic situation. What if some insanity causing death is scientifically correct?  Whatever could bring science to the state of being the “cause of death” without ever realizing its most primal responsibility, the pronunciation of life?

There was the recent case of a citizen shooting of a police officer seated in his patrol car. The reason this is important is that the police officer was shot ten times, the killer counted ten and his head was the target. Taking into account the position of the killer relative to the officer and the human anatomy of location relevant, I drew up a 2D representation of the mechanics involved:

What should be most notable is that there is a Northeastern, NE transverse location as well as a Southwestern, SW transverse location. The SW location in this case must be noted as a strict illogical reality—it is the location of inertial. What may be the supposition of 10 in this 2D illustration? Where is the supposition of the justification for the 10 shots? Where is the reasoning for the kill? Here it looks simple and inconceivable but I took the time to flesh out the mathematical and logical value of the deadly action in 3D form from the 2D mechanics illustrations. Here is the sequence of work from the first linear derivation to the 3D representation.

Here, unless with an expert eye, you may not be able to see the similarity between the 2D representation and the 3D representation but I will point them out. You can find the “Z” formation which is made up mainly of triangles by joining the second transverse location with the floor to directly meet the linear projection of the first transverse location. To see the first transverse location in the NE you have to see the irregular quadrilateral, Trapezium. In the 3D version, it is in the back end and it is inverted.

The scientific sequences I detail here from equation to line to 2D to 3D now entail the illogical premises I have been alluding to—sanity has never met a side-headed parallel human or a human living and breathing upside his head (upside down). What may be the real anatomical construct here? What does inertial truly mean here? Is it real? Is it a facade? Could it be something much more troubling? Indeed there is something more irrational you may not be able to easily see.

It is much more than my scientific opinion that the attempt to create a third “Z” dimension relative to a 2 dimension-ally deformed coordinate system (to be discussed in future space-time entries) sustained a further degeneration of the defects inherited. This disarrayed induction will be discussed further in the second entry for 3D Animation, 3D Animation and Folds with what I call “The Shutterfly Effect.”

There is a space dynamics involved here which transcends Einstein’s projection of space because he excluded the source or as I named her, “The Third Observer.” It is important that I express in this entry that mass, expressed as inertial here becomes more Newtonian, the force and the relativity truly existing being more important. There is no inertial relevant to the ten shots to the heads because there couldn’t have been a pronunciation of life making science a real tragedy here.

I am going to capture the Shutterfly mass for this particular incident, which will be the lower arcs. The Shutterfly can be envisioned is a flying insect whose lower arcs (wings) projections I am about to capture. Here is the illustration below:

The foundational inertial for this Shutterfly is 3.236-3.22 which is 0.016 with a y effect of 0.019 and x effect of -0.105.

The next 2 entries will be on 3D Animation and Inertial as we continue and project the Shutterfly effect towards The Lambda Derivative. The edewzealous entry for this entry is “The Animated life.”

Grace, the element of strife( an edewzealous {philosophically inclined} entry)

Grace, the element of strife

It becomes of richer spirit to inject humanity into science than science into humanity — edewlogics

As you simplify your life, the laws of the universe will be simpler, solitude will not be solitude, poverty will not be poverty, nor weakness, weakness.

Henry David Thoreau


Grace is not something you say over the dinner table as you prepare to eat. Farthest from it. In fact, there is hardly any traces of grace until you have no food on the table and you still say “grace”, literally, then pretend to eat, actually. Indeed that is grace. Graces unfounded easily fall apart like tattered strings held together by gravity, and gravity, against the call of the indisposed, grants a fall from ill-graces to ill-graces sown together from edge to edge. The wild and far in between open up to the tenets of fate. And while it is possible for harm to redo itself from ill-graces to ill-graces, it becomes possible that strife will be the fundamental-founding blocks for true graces.

Grace is not a mathematical inflection. All implications to the contrary, the human pride has no limits and when called hardly feels itself fall from graces or detect the tiny lengths of maxima and minima bridging integrity. The local minima, simple graces I choose to call it, is at the mercy of its own estimation, its own intimation, its own being, like some rigid progression, stalled, adrift, designated for some particular redemption, its own. True graces deflect and defy inflection points. And somehow ill-graces, impregnated with inflection points empty and drab draw footnotes a miniscule byproduct for a life outside all relevant and subjective material points seeking to draw a sharp differential between life and life disregarding the fact that a life progressive without any strife bio-genetic and psychoactive is no life at all but a perpetuation of nothing at all.  

A life potent with strife. The statement is oxymoronic to say the least, if not perplexed and irrational at first thought. But strife is the most valuable item for emotional and intellectual acuity within all limits of true graces. A life filled with natural strife is a life potent with humanity and not some caricature of such, nothing borrowed, nothing stolen, true life, true essences, true graces because it is a life in quest for true simplicity, one which encompasses itself.

As you simplify your life, the laws of the universe will be simpler, solitude will not be solitude, poverty will not be poverty, nor weakness, weakness.

Henry David Thoreau

We’ve come back to simplicity and graces. It takes true graces to be something prescribed deficient and not have the qualifying evidence of it. And I chose this Thoreauvian quote to accompany this entry for a very important reason. My conception of graces excludes riches, excess, artificial-superficial acquisitions, appearances, that is, material achievements, and such of such caliber…

Simplicity in the way that I imply it is conscious involvement in gaining and retaining self-assurance, self-contentment within all premises of a life potent with strife. It is not a play pen for mere riches and affluence, not a stair chance for appearances. That is, something calls for the need for simplicity, some hurdle by far not the sort you cross and walk away untouched, unharmed, un-phased or unchanged . It is a re-acclamation of self, a re-forging of one’s potential within the strife as a subjugated acclimation of the strife. The path is redefined rather than defining.

Notable in the Thoreauvian implication of simplicity is the mathematical inflection I implied earlier. It is, in this instance how solitude may not be solitude, poverty may not be poverty and weakness may not be weakness while the definitions of such traits remain the same. It calls for the negation and the affirmation of the trait at the same time; this, regardless of condition. And this definition excludes positive and negative charge identification because of something I will define as positive derangement (in the next code therapy session entry). Such by the Thoreauvian definition and my implication of simplicity, a publicly proclaimed positive trait is reducible under true graces.

Simplicity is the neutrality of core essence, knowledge of the minute essential nature of the self, unstaged, undisposed or degenerated by passing generations/degeneration of positive/negative derangement unsuited for the self. Enabled by a core essential reality and earned against trivial perplexities of inflections trivial and useless to the self, this simplicity in stance against societal ills and wrongs, makes truly true graces.

the repulsion error : #2 Vectogram series (a PC {Physics and Computation} entry)

the repulsion error

It becomes of richer spirit to inject humanity into science than science into humanity.

A threshold for pain could hardly be imagined before it is fully realized. And the evidence of its presence is not that merely observable or felt but rather what prevails. What is acute becomes memory or its end. It either kills or dies off. Prevalence is what must be present for any form of observation or realization to be possible. It is localized. It is a point. It is elephantine, super-colossal. It is prevalent.

The observation or as you may, evidence, for some, is always present in the strife always present, for or for the life of it, against it.

An attempt at strife denotes there is an endeavor to be accomplished, an ultimate spatial event oriented within the ultimate relevant environment, relevant time required to achieve it. Important to the observation is a sharp differentiation between what is and what is observed within all perspectives available within all necessitating relative system. And this relative system must be truly correlative to the fullest credible extent. No opposition to the strife first presumed involves no attempt to strife, the very absence of it, and also a grave error in the least.

In what state of relative coordination will it be possible to know strife in the sense that it should be but never being able to realize it in the sense that is not merely imaginable but realistic within scientific preconditions and post conditions all the same?

Einstein and Infield in The Evolution of Physics states: the earth is our coordinate system. That is, the earth is our CS.

I will refer to Einstein and Infield’s observation of their observations in process in the book in reference to discussions on CS systems: “All our physical statements thus far have lacked something. We took no notice of the fact that all observations must be made in a certain C.S. Instead of describing the structure of this CS, we just ignored its existence.”

There is a state which knows intellectual sanctity beyond all reasonable refutable measures—that which must be present in all observers of our CS, earth, so the law of mechanics may hold within all verifiable space and time conditions, preconditions and post-conditions. And there is a necessity to call this state in the observations of our CS as we explore it. This state can not endure a recall to be viable. Earth is our CS system.

There is, with good reason, a need for proof in science. And the process and procedure for these proofs is as important as coming up with the proofs. Observational evidence may be simple, depending on the observational principles guiding the subject of the effect expected. It is with observational principles that perspectives may defer. The differences in perspectives have error-prone effects on perception. Perceptions affecting observations especially in a situation where observations truly matter within scientific limits which may be or may not be breach-able.

Limits as well as all parameters possible in opposition of the credibility and validity of observations are found with point of views. And it is in the necessity that I introduce a third observer into Einstein’s and Infield’s observation of the earth’s rotating room relativity observations. The evidence of this observer is in the post-condition. The reality is in the precondition. The reality of both the precondition and the postcondition compels the reality of a third observer. That is, rather than an “observer in the room” with the source as Einstein and Infield propositioned in their observational differences, there is a much more powerful irrevocable realistic observer, the source.

I must also note that the two scientists already killed any inclination of this possibility as impossible: Unfortunately we cannot place ourselves between the sun and the earth, to prove the exact validity of the law of inertia and to get a view of the rotating earth. This can be done only in imagination. How does he use this imagination? What are the limits of such imaginations? What are the opposition to such imaginative limits? And as we journey with this physics series we will be able to find out whether they were wrongfully inclined or disinclined for and from the point of view of the newly introduced observer.

The third observer is relative to every possible plane in our CS and because directional vectored lines and paths are involved in our observations, this observer is relative to lines, both the vertical and the horizontal, and also relative to paths, both the parallel and the perpendicular. Relating these lines and paths gives a much different observational result than Einstein and Infield did. A two point speculation becomes three point stipulation for instance. And there are more interpretations to come.

After carefully studying the Rod CS system, it became apparent that it wasn’t a relativity between two CS systems but rather a relativity between two Rod CS systems. This gives some insight into the counter reality the earthly skies gives as the sun rises.

It becomes pretty clear to me from my observations living in the vast without any privileged rest as space became my only resting place and much time and devotion to the observations, we need not be between the sun and the earth and we may be very much helpless to do so or not do so when relatively, we already are. So I put myself between the earth and the sun to be a student of motion, momentum and CS systems. The sun rises vertically to a series of cloud formations relative to the earthly field CS system.

And what was originally constructed as a two CS system relativity for observation becomes merely one Rod CS relativity.

To enumerate this point, there is the need to further enumerate the conditional reality of this source observer as not just merely on a path but one creating the path. It is vectored, directional and with considerable magnitude. The position of any other observer must be relative to the source observer.

In this entry, #2 of The Vectogram, we will use this new observational model to address repulsion as was done in the first in the series. This statement from Einstein and Infield further confirms the inclusion of repulsion in their observational experiment: “It is safe to assume that both rods are of infinite length and have initial points but no end points.” And this statement makes the earlier statement weirder relative to the CS system for the same observational experiment: “When we begin our observation, the starting point of the two rods collide.”

As a reminder, here is the statement about my design for .dewlogics. against the representation of repulsion in conventional physics.


Here is the “material point” implication for Einstein’s and Infield’s ROD CS relativity system.

This Rod CS system lay flat, two dimensional and undefined by paths without the source observer, who is, unlike the other observers, vectored. Another point relation rendering the source into the pathway and rendering the system into three dimensional form, and there is actual pathway for repulsion in the CS as the vectored arrows manifest on the vertical.

And a scientifically potent pathway CS system for the rising sun and relevant relativity which will be discussed further in the series system finally emerges.

 The action of the sun rising is one from south to North, that is, it transverses the vertical alignment. It is also one by this very observable movement, which opposes significantly the earthly gravitational force. Such, the force is the source, the source is solar and is one against the earthly field CS system including the earth’s gravitational force which goes in an opposing direction as the sun rises.

The solar force system cannot be excluded from the computation of CS systems because doing it excludes life on earth. The source is intimated and intricate with life on earth and its most prominent evidence is in the cultivation of biological life in the grasses and greens on earth’s planar fields in the north, south, east and west, the simplest evidence of relativity found in the evidence of life.

There isn’t an accurate method for the measure of inertia involved here and if there was it will be trivial in measure against the evidentiary force involved. The action of the source, the rising sun against the earthly acceleration due to gravity is the acceleration that has been due a long time now against gravity in the scientific world.

The overall force relative to the rising sun source as acceleration due to and against gravity cancels out and becomes zero relative to earth. The material points involved here are not easily conventional. The involve more than this entry can attain.

Meanwhile the most significant aspect of this entry centers back on repulsion. The problem I had was not of my dewlogic’s design but rather of the logic behind the design being in the same path and same pathway of formation with repulsion within the CS system.

From my explanations, diagrams and discussions in this entry, it is safe to declare that repulsion does not occur within all earthly premises relative to the rising sun in the horizontal plane but rather in the vertical opposing direction. It occurs in gravitational space, which begs to differ significantly from the very popular scientific saying, “gravitational force of attraction.” Or as people who aren’t as scientifically inclined transforms the statement, “falling in love” (A love reduced to tatters in the edewzealous entry for this entry). This is not an offensive approach whatsoever because a scientific error is not something to take trivially.

Further illumining of some sort of scientifically viable love without any material point or scientific validity can harden deranged beliefs in ordinary people. And science is sometimes like a religion for the ill. It gives the criminally inclined, the criminally insane, as well as ill-informed and non-intuitive scientists reasons to judge the world in some ill fashioned manner that may affect others destructively.

Scientific illusions, especially one embedded within such a strictly universal concept as earth’s gravity are not to be indulged trivially, at least not by any serious mind. For reasons that will be obvious in other entries in the future, Dewlogic does not fall in love with gravitational attraction. In fact I am sure no being does. Briefly, I am postponing the Lambda Derivative in this series to explore a series within this space-time series, 3D animated life from the view of inertial-deficiency, that is systems without significant inertial to propel mass but propels flight, how the laws of mechanics may apply and their possible equivalences in CS systems as we eventually discuss the Lambda Events

Meanwhile, it is now safe to say that Dewlogic formally defies the conventional conception of repulsion on the horizontal plane with the rising sun–no such falling, for gravitational attraction.



The Graces of Time (an edewzealous {philosophically inclined} entry for the time series)

the graces of time

It becomes of richer spirit to inject humanity into science than science into humanity.

Somewhere in the hard wired recesses of a Deer must be transition expectations irreverently innate, essentially instinctive, coherently ingenerate and intuitive. And these hard wired recesses must hold little reference to time, its observations, and the cognitive implications of such because such are not transition states for cognition but for being.

Deer are fascinating creatures.

And I study them beyond the feminal spatial-temporal representations they capture in the science fiction novel, “ZERO SPACE”, mainly because they are genuinely graceful nature loving creatures.They are hard to sight in the raw against the wilder view but can be sighted dislodged against some tormentor’s edge life caved in for, paved cement, paved roads and other artifacts bridging natural forestry. There are those hard pressed moments when harshness present me with incalculable animation treasures and etiquette quite individuating, when disorientation and alienation take me directly to life on the natural plane.  

I first noticed a series of small black and rounded fecal matter scattered about on another type of natural waste, snow. It couldn’t belong to those big black birds whose breed I couldn’t quite place for a while could it? there were those distinctive holes dug deep into the trenches of the snow deposit near, the sharp tiny footsteps traceable backward and forward.

I studied the holes, footsteps, deeply embedded and spherical into the snow and followed the trail to a much bigger hole in the snow. This one was dug deep to touch the dead leaves underneath the snow which stopped me immediately as it became apparent they were neither footsteps nor fall-in-digs. They were carefully constructed architecture, beds—natural beds. Deer, not equipped with the intelligent quotient of 181, know intimately to bypass nature’s natural waste, the snow, to get to its natural warmth however the necrotic state of such. Experience? Intelligence? Coincidence? Synchrony? Asynchrony?

How vain is it to sit down to write when you have not stood up to live?

Henry David Thoreau

Every natural action is graceful.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

What graces may beset a stream where no water may be? What stance those green water shrubs accompanying its flow? I stretch Thoreau’s vanity to reflect a level of consciousness capable of capturing and retaining the traits of natural conditions without necessarily having the neural or natural ability to process it. That is, one capable of a stream of consciousness, time alongside it with pulses indistinguishable from one another as relay or receptor neurons not being distinguishable. And all dispositions of this pulsate disallowing any form of communication whatsoever, a stream without any procedural intuition always laying claims to traits obscure and distance while basking in the glory of absolute and abstract vanity, a state of delinquency projecting potency and movement.

Thoreau’s vanity catches disgrace rather than grace by the edge, at the end. It has no worth to move with, stand with, sit with, gives out porosity as speech as it begs the beggars to listen to its thoughts. It embodies the Hobbesian view of the state of nature which he terms as the “natural condition of mankind…nasty, brutish, and short,” a state without laws, order or governance to maintain such.

With Thoreau’s vanity, there is such a state of nature without any grace whatsoever but capable of having law and order, one for instance which would have never “stood up to live,” but “sits down to write”. In other words, the state of nature the opposite of the Hobbesian view is the state of nature the reality of the Hobbesian view. This vanity comes to itself as vanity and returns nothing true to itself; that is, it is a state of delinquency against itself.

If anything qualifies a graceful act, it is the very absence of this vanity, this delinquency call onto its own empty delinquency calling of something ill-gotten, small and unattainable.