HEA Synopsis


First termed SUE, Some Uncertain Element, unidentified except in trace amount in every relatable element to humanity, it is also the very element believed to be killing humans at an alarming rate. It is to be referred to as Ee, Elusive element by Dr Henry Dylan who identified it and HEP, Human Element Prohibitors as the deficiency strain. As barely the last of humankind remains, Dr. Dylan who had fallen under the strain becomes the “Creature”, an experimental subject of the regenerative enzyme Human Element Assistance HEA, developed by Dr. Biola Moore. And the love developing between her and the “Creature” is dead bent to save or destroy HE, the Human Element.


Love is rare and Andrew and Sandra decide to enhance it through Hellyoptia. Hellyoptism is a new generative science engaging psychochemical pairing through wave induction by using 360 Hollow 4th dimensional space for intimated pairing. A love filled good life had never been more predictable, more fulfilled. And there isn’t a couple more willing to optimize the coordination of their enhanced true love to live the best-laid life.