Grace, the element of strife( an edewzealous {philosophically inclined} entry)

Grace, the element of strife

It becomes of richer spirit to inject humanity into science than science into humanity — edewlogics

As you simplify your life, the laws of the universe will be simpler, solitude will not be solitude, poverty will not be poverty, nor weakness, weakness.

Henry David Thoreau


Grace is not something you say over the dinner table as you prepare to eat. Farthest from it. In fact, there is hardly any traces of grace until you have no food on the table and you still say “grace”, literally, then pretend to eat, actually. Indeed that is grace. Graces unfounded easily fall apart like tattered strings held together by gravity, and gravity, against the call of the indisposed, grants a fall from ill-graces to ill-graces sown together from edge to edge. The wild and far in between open up to the tenets of fate. And while it is possible for harm to redo itself from ill-graces to ill-graces, it becomes possible that strife will be the fundamental-founding blocks for true graces.

Grace is not a mathematical inflection. All implications to the contrary, the human pride has no limits and when called hardly feels itself fall from graces or detect the tiny lengths of maxima and minima bridging integrity. The local minima, simple graces I choose to call it, is at the mercy of its own estimation, its own intimation, its own being, like some rigid progression, stalled, adrift, designated for some particular redemption, its own. True graces deflect and defy inflection points. And somehow ill-graces, impregnated with inflection points empty and drab draw footnotes a miniscule byproduct for a life outside all relevant and subjective material points seeking to draw a sharp differential between life and life disregarding the fact that a life progressive without any strife bio-genetic and psychoactive is no life at all but a perpetuation of nothing at all.  

A life potent with strife. The statement is oxymoronic to say the least, if not perplexed and irrational at first thought. But strife is the most valuable item for emotional and intellectual acuity within all limits of true graces. A life filled with natural strife is a life potent with humanity and not some caricature of such, nothing borrowed, nothing stolen, true life, true essences, true graces because it is a life in quest for true simplicity, one which encompasses itself.

As you simplify your life, the laws of the universe will be simpler, solitude will not be solitude, poverty will not be poverty, nor weakness, weakness.

Henry David Thoreau

We’ve come back to simplicity and graces. It takes true graces to be something prescribed deficient and not have the qualifying evidence of it. And I chose this Thoreauvian quote to accompany this entry for a very important reason. My conception of graces excludes riches, excess, artificial-superficial acquisitions, appearances, that is, material achievements, and such of such caliber…

Simplicity in the way that I imply it is conscious involvement in gaining and retaining self-assurance, self-contentment within all premises of a life potent with strife. It is not a play pen for mere riches and affluence, not a stair chance for appearances. That is, something calls for the need for simplicity, some hurdle by far not the sort you cross and walk away untouched, unharmed, un-phased or unchanged . It is a re-acclamation of self, a re-forging of one’s potential within the strife as a subjugated acclimation of the strife. The path is redefined rather than defining.

Notable in the Thoreauvian implication of simplicity is the mathematical inflection I implied earlier. It is, in this instance how solitude may not be solitude, poverty may not be poverty and weakness may not be weakness while the definitions of such traits remain the same. It calls for the negation and the affirmation of the trait at the same time; this, regardless of condition. And this definition excludes positive and negative charge identification because of something I will define as positive derangement (in the next code therapy session entry). Such by the Thoreauvian definition and my implication of simplicity, a publicly proclaimed positive trait is reducible under true graces.

Simplicity is the neutrality of core essence, knowledge of the minute essential nature of the self, unstaged, undisposed or degenerated by passing generations/degeneration of positive/negative derangement unsuited for the self. Enabled by a core essential reality and earned against trivial perplexities of inflections trivial and useless to the self, this simplicity in stance against societal ills and wrongs, makes truly true graces.