3D ANIMATION AND INERTIAL SYSTEMS(a PC {science and computation} entry for the book)

3D Animation and inertial systems

It becomes of richer spirit to inject humanity into science than science into humanity — edewlogics

The doubling down of the two is an ultimate scientific catastrophe pronouncing life—like some shadowing of a consequent penumbra, that outer shadowing of the darker sunspot — edewlogics  

Inspecting and studying the daily attributions and procedural affirmations of the earthly spatial “sky”, I find that the clouds are disposable aspects of its operational expressions. They are not real in a sense, in all sense. At least something real can sustain and retain as aspect of itself, as itself in the least. This thought brings about the questions of retain-ability, transverse-ability and the necessary fulfilling qualities for the pro-axial and abaxial spatial translocation of essential mass into focus.

“Clouds are retain-able”, cannot be sustained as a premise because they are not. “Clouds are not retain-able” becomes premise and “They must die,” becomes a probable consequent premise. A consequent in this case is an incidental or product effect due to a cause. Here I may go on and on about this issue but I will rather not. It is for a different entry. The important aspect of this intro is in the investment understanding of space as an effect in essence, product, byproduct etc. and to bring the spatial translocation of essential mass into focus.

From the implication of clouds, it is important to illustrate how animation is a necessary component of both life and death. The pronunciation of life becomes as important as the renunciation of death. The ill recognition of one leads to the ill recognition of the other and vice versa. The doubling down of the two is an ultimate scientific catastrophe pronouncing life—like some shadowing of a consequent penumbra, that outer shadowing of the darker sunspot.  

And the consequences of our discussion in physics? The interbreeding of belief systems within the sciences interbreeds subtle destructive ideas which feeds the foundational “reasoning pot” of interactivity within society. And in hardened and unchecked states these “reasoning pots” may stand as excuses for executing on the destructive premises supposed upon “scientific and universal truths”.  

True insanity does look good in science because it has receptive ears and accepted precedence. From my perspective it may be because there is no active observer over the microscope or a real beholder on the problematic situation. What if some insanity causing death is scientifically correct?  Whatever could bring science to the state of being the “cause of death” without ever realizing its most primal responsibility, the pronunciation of life?

There was the recent case of a citizen shooting of a police officer seated in his patrol car. The reason this is important is that the police officer was shot ten times, the killer counted ten and his head was the target. Taking into account the position of the killer relative to the officer and the human anatomy of location relevant, I drew up a 2D representation of the mechanics involved:

What should be most notable is that there is a Northeastern, NE transverse location as well as a Southwestern, SW transverse location. The SW location in this case must be noted as a strict illogical reality—it is the location of inertial. What may be the supposition of 10 in this 2D illustration? Where is the supposition of the justification for the 10 shots? Where is the reasoning for the kill? Here it looks simple and inconceivable but I took the time to flesh out the mathematical and logical value of the deadly action in 3D form from the 2D mechanics illustrations. Here is the sequence of work from the first linear derivation to the 3D representation.

Here, unless with an expert eye, you may not be able to see the similarity between the 2D representation and the 3D representation but I will point them out. You can find the “Z” formation which is made up mainly of triangles by joining the second transverse location with the floor to directly meet the linear projection of the first transverse location. To see the first transverse location in the NE you have to see the irregular quadrilateral, Trapezium. In the 3D version, it is in the back end and it is inverted.

The scientific sequences I detail here from equation to line to 2D to 3D now entail the illogical premises I have been alluding to—sanity has never met a side-headed parallel human or a human living and breathing upside his head (upside down). What may be the real anatomical construct here? What does inertial truly mean here? Is it real? Is it a facade? Could it be something much more troubling? Indeed there is something more irrational you may not be able to easily see.

It is much more than my scientific opinion that the attempt to create a third “Z” dimension relative to a 2 dimension-ally deformed coordinate system (to be discussed in future space-time entries) sustained a further degeneration of the defects inherited. This disarrayed induction will be discussed further in the second entry for 3D Animation, 3D Animation and Folds with what I call “The Shutterfly Effect.”

There is a space dynamics involved here which transcends Einstein’s projection of space because he excluded the source or as I named her, “The Third Observer.” It is important that I express in this entry that mass, expressed as inertial here becomes more Newtonian, the force and the relativity truly existing being more important. There is no inertial relevant to the ten shots to the heads because there couldn’t have been a pronunciation of life making science a real tragedy here.

I am going to capture the Shutterfly mass for this particular incident, which will be the lower arcs. The Shutterfly can be envisioned is a flying insect whose lower arcs (wings) projections I am about to capture. Here is the illustration below:

The foundational inertial for this Shutterfly is 3.236-3.22 which is 0.016 with a y effect of 0.019 and x effect of -0.105.

The next 2 entries will be on 3D Animation and Inertial as we continue and project the Shutterfly effect towards The Lambda Derivative. The edewzealous entry for this entry is “The Animated life.”