The Animated Life (an edewzealous{philosophically inclined}entry for the book)

the animated life

It is better to have your head in the clouds, and know where you are… than to breathe the clearer atmosphere below them, and think that you are in paradise.

-Henry David Thoreau

There is a rendering of fact which makes itself manifest, compelling neither mind nor heart. It is a rendering of such, itself without a heart. That matter must have a heart is evident in the force it impels rather the one it dispels and disposes. Any manifest of estrangement between forces impelled and forces dispelled and any implications of such in physics will be discussed in this space and time series.

And the mind? Must it enter the spatial estate of the heart dead or alive? Must it falter and fail never having been kindled? Is it in essence a resource estranged from its source without any relational element to reference its existence?

I came upon a snow man recently, maker unknown. And as I watched the figure in its estate, life struck me not as the rich investment of life and existential animation it is but as oddity to its realistic and rudimentary disposition. It held no evidence of ancestral, systemic or organic disposition. It had no vectored dimension as temperature could never be equipped with such. Whatever was the snow man about? Could the evidence of life be merely symbolic or purely imaginative gaining some momentum of possibility from pure symbolism?

As I walked closer to inspect the figure, it came alight in all its artificial confirmations as some null entity may—material proclaiming vacuous estate, arms stretched aside made of leafless tree stems, eyes made from tree barks. However did it come alight?

It needed scientific reconditioning despite its glorious state. I smiled and whispered under my breadth as I closed in on the figure, “Let’s call it scientific reconditioning.” I tugged at the arms. The thickening ice around the tree stems made the effort harder than it should be. It pulled through without destroying the form of the figure. I re-positioned it by inserting it in the head of the figure rather than the sides as arms. The repositioning was hard as well but I made sure it was cleanly achieved so the form of the figure is preserved. I did the same for the other arm.

The arms were now horns. Snow never fall horizontally. It has no such power imaginative or otherwise. The figure was starting to make sense as a horned animal rather than a snow man, a snow-deer perhaps. And such the world with the figure in it regained some realistic insight. A world where snow-men rather than snow-deer are imaginative is less scientific than one where snow-deer is imaginative. Science cannot induct its imagining against its base facts otherwise they cannot be called scientific imaginings. Despite fact based origination, imaginings are yet merely that—imaginings. But scientific imaginings can be differentiated from mere imaginings. A science fiction author as I am may understand this differential in imaginings more.

Imaginings cannot animate life without the elements of life being accessible as an implication, presence and activity–that is, that there is a base fact animating the validity of the imagining.

Life animating life is a much serious subject as it must go beyond the implication of base scientific facts as presence and activity to ultimately call upon a space-time-self-alertness dynamics implied against the opposing fact—the affirmation of death.

It is better to have your head in the clouds, and know where you are… than to breathe the clearer atmosphere below them, and think that you are in paradise.

-Henry David Thoreau

Location is very essential to existence and identity in the human anatomy of location used in this computation and physics entry but it is merely a first instance, or rather a first phase translocation which may be quite unverifiable. And here verification becomes its own verification, its own validity. There is the where, when, who, how which must be supplied to go beyond the implication of a basal fact

“Knowing where you are,” is an implication of fact that is quite invalid until there is an exploration of time and space to verify the where. The space accompanied with the “when”, the time, qualifies the passage of consciousness or lucidity implied. If you can verify where, you can validate subjectively. The “who” may be implied when the verification of thought process is verified in time and space within reasonable limits of coherence of conscious phases? It is the how that is most relevant to our cause because there is a test for both the cloud existence and the “think that you are in paradise” existence.

If the snowman failed in rendering the projection of an earthly imagination for instance, it is a waste of time to go further with the thought.

The verification is in fulfilling all propositional implication of space which involves the mind as consciousness or rather the brain as an organ of thought passing through time in coherent phases. That is, if it is possible not to know the “how” in the first phase of “where”, it would be impossible to know the “how” in the second phase of “where”. There is a logical and realistic pathology between the supposition of “clouds” in the upper realm and the implication of “paradise” in the lower realm.

Adding an imposition of location human anatomy to this Thoreauvian analogy, it becomes impossible for a subject, you for instance (being with the presupposition of headless in the clouds) “to breathe the clearer atmosphere below your head when you don’t know where your head is while thinking you are in paradise.” In fact the subject is located in a state worse than a medical mystery or medical fraud as it would be much insufferable to have a head and have it work against itself in paradise where it seems people may naturally walk upside down their heads.

The animated life is the space-time incorporation, preoccupation and implication of the organ of thought from one verifiable translocation phase or state to another more verifiable by phrenic transposition.

By phrenic in this definition I mean the total state of implication, that is, both the diaphragm and the mind anatomy-physiology relation. All state of anatomical, physiological and psychological transformations are suffered by the same. All state of breathing expense as inflection and deflection is suffered by the same. The thinking being is the breathing being and vice versa. There are no breaks in between. They both encumber the heart.