Electricity needed to mine bitcoin is more than used by ‘entire countries’


here is where smart people ask where is this shit energy? IT TAKES A LOT TO MAKE THE SHIT BUT EVERYTHING IS ATOMIC…THAT IS, THERE MUST BE SOMETHING ATOMIC AND NUCLEIC ABOUT THE SHIT TO MAKE IT QUANTUM…WHERE THE FREAK IN SHITHELL THE SHIT AT? You bet i have asked it scientifically and will answer it definitively for the future of truth in science. my darling readers, you have to believe ME as i intend not just to prove it to you but to work harder and harder despite all ill, evil, adversity, terrorism and such…I AM GOING TO THE QUANTUM FACTORY ALL THE WAY …this shit doesn’t exist …IT IS SIMPLY MADE UP SHIT and for the future of natural science, life, humanity and truth in science i will pROVE it all the way to every quantum possibility…THIS SHIT DOESN’T EXIST…