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I hardly can think of hiding much because i believe in freedom, unless that is i am defrauded and terrorized …i hide a lot because no one should have to experience these evil things…meanwhile after i showed that SHARON OSBOURNE SNAKE my readers, someone showed these ones and i thought , dear universe, my readers have not met these ones yet…you gotta meet these ones and remember nothing good happens when fraud and terrorism happens to this inferior unattractive, unintelligent woman…you gotta meet these ones…

Eleven year old Bami Dele is the experimental boy immune to what scientists get to know as the Femuran invasion. He and the chosen bearer of the only artificially engineered artedermal skin protector must get past every formidable detection of the Time Weavers. They must find the game inside a dead cat by a corner, finish the play, find the location of the secret of secret places, make the journey to get the Polarcapper and turn the wheels against their doomed fate.