New song this week with TIME release…

my readers, i am anxious, i am restless, and i am still working, always, even when i had nowhere to lay my head…but this time i really want us to get this correctly…and i am sure of it, thiefs will never see natural life or natural love, lying and deceit can only get evil so far and my readers, i can no longer afford to be a victim of theft, fraud and terrorism. There are great things we can do together now and in the future and it is more than about time we start doing those things.

I am doing everything i can at the moment with limited resources to assure you of these great things to come…This week, with the release of the third chapter of alw titled “TIME”, i will release a song titled no doubt about it. This is the first time i have written a song directly for a book release . Please my readers, donate for a mighty cause against homelessness and hopelessness, and please make sure the money gets into my bank account and doe not sit languishing or hidden or stolen somewhere as it happened with PAYPAL( i will not get over this over this evil untill the theft is returned).

Please my readers, help me end this evil against me. Here is a most scientific cover i ever made for an album. you’re going to get two versions. The first is GIF and the second is PNG…please if you encounter problems with donations , call someone you know, the FBI OR CIA OR WHOEVER CAN ENSURE THEFT, SLAVERY AND TERRORISM ENDS…THANK YOU. …Here i will eventually use the GIF VERSION FOR THE RELEASE BUT WILL KEEP THE PNG VERSION…chapter 3 has time as you have never seen it before. Thank you.