An idiot just tried to walk past me and I stood aside to let him pass, said some shit like ladies first, the shit they tell dumbasses like parasite piggy…i don’t got no quarter backs my readers, only quarter front frauds…idiots can afford to be idiots but some people who are respected this reminds me of a billboard ad I saw earlier today with a mouse in the southwest and a mosquito in the northeast…i have been asking NASA FOR THE DNA OF THAT WHITE MOUSE FOR SO LONG…but we are not DUMBASSEES like the AD MAKERS my readers…we know how genetic sequencing works so there are two of the mouse , the correct term is “MICE”… WHERE THE DNA FOR THE WHITE MICE? MY READERS, JUST WANT TO LAY THIS OUT WHILE YOU PLEASE ASK NASA, HARVARD AND THE SMARTS WHERE THE DNA IS…PLEASE GET WAY PAST ME AND ALL THINGS HUMAN AND NATURAL BEFORE NASA AND THEM CONFIRM A HUMAN DNA FOR THE WHITE MICE…I DONT DO SHIT AND INHUMANE SCIENCE OR TOUCH THE SCIENCE OF SLAVERY, TERRORISM AND THEFT…HOW CAN THE SMARTS FIGURE THIS OUT? because nature works in truly mysterious ways, only the smarts will know…SELF HATE, NARCISSISM, AND TERRORISM OF OTHERS SURE GOES A LONG WAY…WHERE IS THE DNA…?