Of shady trees and red eyed mountain monkeys…

My readers, don’t get me wrong. I don’t hate technology. I hate the lies they tell. They embellish shit. They teach people to embrace more lies with evil scientific doctrines. Remember this at all times that technology has neither spirit nor soul. And the soul it projects is fake, unscientific, worthless and thoughtless. For instance Google tried to get into a tree recently so IT-HE can breathe with deoxygenated leaves. How pathetic. Trees have no ability whatsoever to cast shadows. They are consequential infractions no matter what lies they tell the fools.

There is a tree that is dark black in its core and shady white in its bark. Yes my readers, you have never seen painting until you see this tree. It looks like it was painted on with commercial paint as in the Caucasian, Asian and people of color. It’s as I say it, not capable of being functional with it’s venation as the emphasis of its appearance is in its shadiness. The song, “No fault” in PAR was inspired by this lack and the fact that these evil thoughtless scientists need to stop messing with the Earthian atmosphere with dumbass genetic degenerates like parasite piggy. I recommend this song wherever you are in the world. The worst thing you can do with nature is to assume you know her through external principles.

Does the tree need to be with that set attributes? It needs to be that way. It is the epitome of reflection space. Never seen the tree? Ask a botanist or biologist near you or rather a biologist in Africa who knows the red eyed mountain monkey with the bland dark brown (the stuff they call gold, bland, deoxygenated and brown) fur. I am out my readers because I can’t do better. Those who propagate better must get out of my primary Gene Pool, NEGATIVE SPACE AND WATERS. I’m out, get out. That’s the way it works. Non of those destructive science e applies to genetics or nature. Preach to the self-loathing shitheaded thoughtless narcissistic and uncaring evil doers instead.

Get the correct tree Google or wait for a book titled “The aftermath of the Lambda Derivative”. If you were smart you would have seen it coming. By the way, that unscientific (as natural pi will prove) and unfruitful logo is not just impossible, it sucks ass. Take the shady tree or go to reflection space. Hiding inside a tree, talking shit, oppressing others with fallacies and fake projection as technology is… Where in this pretensions evil world of inhumane treatment of others through theft and unnatural progression is my money WRAY? Samples for attune releases in 14 days. Britons, it has a song titled “London party mix”. I love what I did with it in the remix. You should too. For truth, dignity, decency and inclusion in science, please support the free books for life cause. Thank you.