My readers, I am out, so these people that are not me have to get out of my natural domains. They are so superior and all. Anyways, my readers, watched a video in which Karen-Karen wannabe Hispanic female and her flashy reflection space yellow was dragged out of an office space for coming to work drunk and refusing to leave. That’s how Karens are. They think they are entitled to things, especially natural things that do not belong to them. People who wanna be me because of the smarter, stronger things about me my readers, but never have to pay the real life price of being or ever having to suffer to retain and express those traits.

The worst part of this video is that Blondie de dumb is the one who called the police on parasite evil de piggy who clearly never learned anything from this ridiculing ordeal on things decent, brained human beings should never do. Clearly, being more of a reflectioneer the blonde is worse than drunk. She is drunk, snorting crack cocaine, high on weed, high on heroine and such. She needs to experience the same as parasite piggy. She is demented if she thinks this is not gonna happen after preaching shit worthless thoughtless everywoman of shit. She is not me but is in reflection space same as parasite piggy, in fact, the epitome of the sickening unscientific reasons these racial ills happen.

My readers, humanity matters but individuality matters more because it is the epitome of true and natural freedom. Genetic degenerates outsiders (external races as we are not the same race) who seek to be you for some worthless thoughtless everything and every woman of shit are seeking the individual’s destruction for some worthless- thoughtless theory on her behalf(you can’t get to this if you’re not smart. Most people are not. A very lot of black people are not. Believe me earnestly my readers, science hSas proven it can be an oppression scheme masquerading as tenable theories.

They do harm for narcissistic racist and prejudicial reason. They do harm). That is harmful. Believe me absolutely here. Truth matters. Truth matters absolutely. NASA, Oxford, Cambridge, Yale, and the rest of you, get the blonde the f**king f**k away from me to the red reflection pool or the intellectual ridiculing will never end. Stop self-loathing and be yourselves away from this inferior, unattractive, unintelligent woman. While hard core existential criminals are calling police on existential criminals, where is my naturally and painstakingly earned money WRAY?