Of fear and victimization

I said recently that I am not even associated with the American flag. You will think people with brains will not harass me. I will be left alone so they can be whatever shit they want The e, exemplification of the great narcissism,, uncaring attitude towards unknown others, and the degenerative herd mentality was on full display yesterday as I must be great with personality deductions. To be horrible things like thieves, rapists, smiling murderers and then harass me, my readers, I am suffocating I want out of here. Spotify recently asked me to use two step authentication. I must be scared. What I really want is every stream for every RIL song from the beginning of time. And of course we have not asked amuse everything on RIL’S behalf which is different from Spotify. And there is the edewlogics PayPal account (The one I gave to the FBI. There are two.) the one I direct you to for the free books for life cause. I do all the work but someone else took over my account, my identity. Someone who was never there for the work. Who better to go to than the FBI. Guilty people don’t go to the FBI.

My readers, I must repeat here that I am being harassed, I feel like I am suffocating. I want the simplicity and peace of mind I deserve to do my work. If we focus on the edewlogics account which I felt someone was trying to steal from me and went to the FBI, it has my name, the registered company name also in my name, my social security number, and I have had it like forever. So I am saying it openly. I am being harassed, menaced, I fear for my life, I want out of here so I can do smarter things than be bedeviled by racist evil uncaring people. Where is my money WRAY, THIEL. My readers, if you have never given on behalf of the free books for life cause, please do so today. And help me ask the same question of WRAY AND THIEL. I am saying it. I am being harassed, menaced, I fear for my life, I want out. Every account thus listed must be accounted for.