Of space and life

My readers, nobody with a real functioning brain will want to be a fly on someone else’s wall except if they were born degenerate no doubt. When the Jim Crow-KKK made provisional DECAY SPACE(ZOMBIE SPACE) for the NAZI HISPANIC to go start killing PEOPLE, I bet the world was getting better-better. Must say alw-an animated space, a venation space is niggerish which means its not meant for Caucasian women and people of color like Kamala Harris. I am too busy being this nigger unattractive, unintelligent woman and making the smartest of it to care about someone else’s superior DECAY SPACE. That space has no black, therefore no nature or natural green, no blue or teal, no real Earthian natural environmental space, no vectorization. It has no life in it. None.

My readers, that decay space is not even Euclidean, no Euclidean distance, no Euclidean geometry and so on. It’s laughably superior. I am sure NASA can recommend a woman who can write a book on a smarter space than that decay space. I am yet too devoted to being this nigger woman and fighting theft and fraud I should not be fighting in truly free and decent society my readers. The Caucasian did horrible things because of his great privilege but there is nothing decent or scientifically dignified he did with race or gender.

I say it simply. Just pack your superiority to that dead space. Get out of my primary Gene Pool, NEGATIVE SPACE AND WATERS. Yes, I am discriminating with the insects on my wall. Don’t even come near them. You can’t afford to be a fly on my wall much the same way I cannot exist in your worthless, thoughtless superior dead-decay space. Period. Must say, must be a dignified existential privilege to be that fly. It is extremely lucky, naturally functioning and lucid(that is, not a thoughtless zombie-shithead). The fly in that Jim Crow-KKK-Hispanic Nazi decay space has a sickening terrible dilemma. THERE IS NO LIFE THERE.