Of gaming complexes and delusional unrealities…

I envy gamers because they have all the time in the l world to get addicted to a game and spend their money on it. My life is equipped with a lot of scheduled work. I won’t have the time ever. Yeah, it’s all about you. I watch game of content because I envy that great privilege. They make for thought provoking distraction with some geek sensation. Never had the privilege or money for much gaming. But it is such now like the pleasures of gambling. I will never spend time or money on it. It’s fun to watch and since something is funny, I was wondering if gamers know what natural gamer must have to game. No, Einstein didn’t know either, he just took a mere effect and ran with it. Much the same way the Caucasian, Asian, people of color and them are gamers without any polarity. Or the delusional failures of fast cars.

GMING can never be fun for me. It is like 3 of the same thing. The one is like shooting myself in the foot and shooting people with low IQ (so called gamers) in the head at the same time. It is like shooting low IQ(so called gamers) in a line for whatever shit worthless thoughtless reason in the head with ammunition contact and watching that bullet go on forever. Thirdly, It is like me shooting low IQ (so called gamers) in the head with curvature pathology. Shooting shots from the projectile – trajectory perspective.

With those pathways covered, now, who the f**king freak in freak suck ass shit thoughtless worthless world is this game fun for? Who gives a shit what you believe. I care what science is capable of in this generation. So, don’t get out of my primary Gene Pool, NEGATIVE SPACE AND WATERS…stay… Because you were born with hate filled, toxic pride filled genetic degeneracies… Where’s my money WRAY? Who knows what sort of history we may find on people my readers. People whose ancestors may have owned slaves.